Love to sugar can lead to alcoholism


Sugar triggers in the brain the production of “happiness hormone”.

European scientists who participated in the IDEFICS project, were still able to prove that excessive sugar intake in childhood contributes to the development of addiction to alcohol in his youth.

In 8 countries of Europe were formed monitoring group, participants were 7 to 17 years. The group of 16 thousand people studied the eating habits and interviewed their parents. After observation it became clear to scientists that such a relationship does exist.

Children who ate a lot of sweet and fatty food in the future were more prone to regular use of alcohol than those participants who were not abused for sweet and fatty.

The fact that sugar triggers in the brain the production of “happiness hormone” – dopamine. Alcohol and drugs have the same effect.

Scientists explained the connection – it turns out that sweet tooth contributes to the development of other dependencies, and Vice-versa. During the experiment it was noted that those who want to limit their alcohol consumption, eat a lot of sweets – candy, cakes and drinking fizzy drinks.