About the Sober Stories & Questions category


Here is where we share our stories and do our best to answer questions from anyone seeking help to achieve and maintain sobriety.

What were we like? What Happened? What are we like now?

These three questions are the foundation for millions of stories shared by recovering drug addicts and alcoholics all around the world. By telling our stories we often help others who who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. We are letting them know they are not alone and that we understand what they are going through. We are giving them hope that if we can change then they can do it too. We also help ourselves by gaining a better understanding of how becoming sober has impacted our own lives. Please share your stories here so others can learn from your experience.

Some ideas on what to share might include, but are not limited to, the following. These are merely suggestions:

  • What was your life like when you were using drugs or alcohol?

  • What happened to make you choose to become sober?

  • What was it like to transition to a life free from drugs and alcohol?

  • How has your life changed since you became sober?

  • What keeps you motivated to continue living sober?

As always, please express yourself freely but try to be respectful of others. You never know what impact your words might have on someone else.

Thank you,