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Got any recommendations for good books about drug or alcohol addiction, treatment, recovery, or sober living? Please post a review here.

Books to educate. Books to inspire. Books to empower.

Most seem to agree that books are important during every phase in the process of transitioning to a lifetime of sobriety. We often do not spend a lot of time reading when we are absorbed in drinking and / or drugs. Sometimes we find ourselves with too much time on our hands when we start living without those distractions. Reading is an excellent way to pass the time any time of the day when we would otherwise consider reverting to old habits. Whether it was fantastic, mediocre, or plain awful, please share your book reviews here so we can all learn from your experience.

Please include the following in your reviews whenever possible:


  • The title of the book…

  • The author of the book.

  • Your review of the book.

  • A link to where to find the book if you have one.**

As always, please express yourself freely but try to be respectful of others. You never know what impact your words might have on someone else.

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