About the Sober Categories category


Here is a list of the sober related discussion categories currently available to you for posting:

  • Sober Stories and Questions: Why did you decide to become sober? How did you transition to a life without drugs or alcohol? What keeps you motivated to continue living a sober life? What tips do you have for someone who is considering becoming sober? Are you considering becoming sober? Do you have questions about sobriety? This is the place to discuss all of these topics.

  • Recovery Program Reviews: There are as many options for treatment and recovery as there are forms of addiction. There are even more opinions on which programs are most effective. Please share your knowledge about the pros and cons of various treatment and recovery programs so we can all learn from your experience.

  • Sober News Whether it is someone famous or a worthy cause. If it is in the news related to addiction, treatment, or sobriety then please share it here for us to read or discuss.

  • Sober Literature: Most seem to agree that books are important during every phase in the process of transitioning to a lifetime of sobriety. Whether it was fantastic, mediocre, or plain awful, please share your book reviews here so we can all learn from your experience.

As always, please express yourself freely but try to be respectful of others. You never know what impact your words might have on someone else.

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