About the Off-Topic DIscussions category


Sometimes our thoughts don’t fit into any specific forum category. That’s OK! Please post off-topic comments, jokes, or rants here.

Political or religious views unrelated to sober or vegan living?

Don’t see a specific discussion area on SoberVegan for your comments, rants, jokes, or other thoughts? Don’t keep them bottled up inside. Feel free to share them here for the rest of us to ponder.

Sometimes your thoughts just don’t fit neatly into any specific discussion forum category. That’s how life is and it’s totally OK. This is the area where you can tell a joke or rant about something random that you just have to get off your chest. It’s better for everyone if you do it here so the other forum areas can stay on topic.

This is not a place for spam and as always, please express yourself freely but try to be respectful of others. You never know what impact your words might have on someone else.

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